Elyiara: Our Story

Elyiara: (Pronounced Eee-Lee-Ara) : A magical world.
Elyiara - The Door

Explore the World of Elyiara

Once upon a time, there lie a mystical land called Elyiara.
The land was touched by magic and grew lush moss, enchanted forests, sparkling seas, secret gardens, all covered by a dazzling velvet sky. Discover the enchanting accessories that live there, fit for every modern-day goddess.

Creation of Elyiara 

Elyiara was dreamed up in the woods of Maine by the sea, as well as the concrete jungle of NYC. Imagination, intuition, and determination being the key ingredients, as well as luxury design and quality is the cornerstone of our philosophy. 

We hope you will be enchanted by the land of Elyiara and enjoy the unfolding stories! <3 

The Creator

 Elyiara was founded by artist, designer, & dreamer Megan Ely. In a quest to fulfill the need for luxury accessories for the fantasy inclined, she became fascinated with the idea of creating a true concept store and story for people to engage in, combining her love of fantasy stories with her love of fashion. With over a decade as a design director in the fashion & beauty industry, she decided to make the fantasy of Elyiara a reality, and tell you the story.